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Hackathons are among the most popular innovation formats when it comes to bringing together talents and young professionals from different fields, finding creative solutions to current challenges and develop innovative products and services. The diverse areas of application allow hackathons to be individually tailored to the needs of your company.

Originating in the field of software and hardware development, this innovation format has already found favor in all industries.

Did you know?

Many concepts, such as the Facebook Like-Button, were developed at a hackathon.

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An internationally established innovation format
(not just for programmers)

The end product of a hackathon does not necessarily have to be a program code or a hardware prototype. Some hackathons target ideas, concepts or business models.

"Hacking" in this sense refers to developing creative solutions. 

How to Hack



A challenge is defined and announced by partners or customers. The application process for participants (students and young professionals) starts and the teams for the live hack are built.


Live Hack

For 24 to 48 hours, teams with different backgrounds and know-how work together to solve the challenge. They are accompanied by experts and mentors.


Final Pitch

The results are presented to the partner or the customer. The best solution can look forward to a prize.



It is not over yet. Potential collaborations, development of startup teams and much more can arise from a hackathon. The opportunities are manifold for companies and for participants!

Success Stories

Evergreen Innovation Camp Hackathon

The Challenge: The Autonomous Forest Worker

At the Evergreen Innovation Camp Hackathon, teams of students and young professionals from different fields of study developed solutions for an exciting real-life challenge from the forestry and timber industry within 48 hours. The focus was on innovative solutions, a great community, team spirit and new learning from experienced mentors.

The best teams were awarded with a total of €10,000 in cash prizes.


The teams showed the potential of what sustainable forest management or biotope protection could look like in the future. Autonomous drones and robots will undoubtedly revolutionize forest work. It was exciting to see how the student teams had approached the topic.“

Hannes Plackner, Project manager and mentor at the Evergreen Innovation Camp.

The format of a hackathon and the interaction of participants from various fields of study promote interdisciplinary exchange and thus enable completely new approaches. We are pleased that this format was so well received and that many interesting concepts were developed. It showed once again how important it is to think outside the box and collaborate with other disciplines - especially for forestry and wood science."

Georg Erlacher, Director at the Evergreen Private Foundation

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